Creditadvice Credit Report

Creditadvice Credit Report is a summary of all the credit-related information and public information issued on a data subject.  A data subject can either be an individual or a corporate entity.

What does Creditadvice Credit Report contain?

Creditadvice Credit Report is made up of multiple sections and includes information about credit facilities and re-payment history for the last 24 months.

Creditadvice Credit Report for Individuals

Creditadvice Credit Report for Individuals is made up of multiple sections including all your financial and credit data.

Personal Information

This section contains personal information that is used to identify an individual. Examples of such information are:

  • Name
  • National Identification Number
  • Contact Details
  • Relations – this refers to any financial relationship of an individual or company may have with another data subject e.g. co-guarantor.

Financial Information

This section contains all the reported financial history of the individual or company. Such information includes:

  • Credit Contracts
  • Credit Repayment History
  • Credit Inquiries made by Credit Providers
  • Information from public sources

In addition, the Creditadvice Credit Report will note whether any of the data is under dispute with the data subject.

Creditadvice Credit Report for Corporate Entities

Creditadvice Credit Report for Corporate Entities contains all credit-related and public information on an entity.  This will ultimately include all the data on the Individual credit report with the exception that it will have Company Identification Information.   Examples of such information are:

  • Company Number
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Contacts Details
  • Company Relations

 Who Uses the Creditadvice Credit Report?

The Creditadvice Credit Report is an information source for credit decision making.

Whenever you apply for any credit product, the potential provider may obtain a copy of your Creditadvice Credit Report to aid in assessing your credit application.

Each financial institution has its business rules that it uses when making a decision about providing credit and the possible terms.  The Creditadvice Credit Report and Creditadvice Credit Score are tools used in credit risk decision management.  However, different institutions have different methods of analyzing risk, therefore the final decision rests with the specific Credit Provider.